Is my ex interested again?

My ex and I we're together a year. We broke up 2 months ago because we live an hour apart, started arguing a lot because of stress from finals. We always had fun together and we could talk about anything. We made a great team. After her broke up with me though, I called and texted him constantly and begged and pleaded. After about a month, I gave up and stopped. It's been a little over a month since I've talked to him. I texted him a few days ago to see how he has been. So far all his responses seem really neutral and he doesn't seem excited to hear from me. He did tell me he was going on a date (which I acted cool and didn't let him know it bummed me out to hear). He also asked me not to "blow up his phone ever again". So my question is, is there any chance we can work things out or is he just talking to me to be nice?


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  • ... He doesn't seem excited to hear from me...
    This is because he is trying to move on and has even openly admitted 'He was going on a date,' so this is telling me that even though you have been together for this 'Year,' dear, he is also Spreading his wings like a free bird now.
    He may have been Missing some much needed space when you both were two birds of a feather. And now that you have gone your separate ways these days, he is Not into any Real Relationship at the moment but Into being his own straw boss.
    He may be saying One thing today to you and perhaps could come back with his tail between his legs Tomorrow, telling you he is Missing the Kissing. However, even if he did, it probably would not be to go back as hooked at the hip in the love nest but a Friends with benefits factor Instead.
    Focus on you now and Begin your own Beguine of thinking of you. You have a small closure of what is going on under his own roof so don't push anymore buttons on your end to Push any of His and he might just contact you one day when you are ready.
    If he does, I am hoping you are with someone who is More deserving and wants something special, not be some fly by nighter who is Not into A Steady Eddy anymore and cannot be trusted as far as you can throw him.
    Good luck. xx


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