Will I ever stop thinking about my ex?

I can't just call him and tell him the way I feel we are both married with kids is the reason why I'm thinking about him is Cause we never had our closure it's been almost 5 years ago what do I do someone HELP


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  • The more you feed these thoughts, the more they;ll grow. The closure is that its over. you have kids, so does he. He's probably happy in his relationship. And going back to it is a dead end. Even if there were some little spark.

    You have to let it go. allow your mind to grab on to something else. Do you have a lot of free time? are you unhappy in your current relationship? Probably. These could be the reasons you are fostering these thoughts. But whatever the case, dreaming about the past is a lost cause.

    Put yourself in today mode, and get your head out of the past. you have to stop your thoughts when they wander there.

    Only you can help yourself.


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