How do you get over an ex?


My boyfriend and I broke up about 2months ago, we were together about 7mos. I miss him so much. Every time we see ea.other we flirt and both get excited yet he doesn't want to get back with me. He says he wants to focus on his real estate career but I don't know... he gives me hope then stops talking to me... Its driving me crazy.. I miss him! how can I get over this guy?! advice please


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  • Yep this really hurts doesn't it! I think most of us have gone down this road. I know you miss him.. I still miss my ex and we broke up a couple of months ago, but it really does get better in time! This is just a learning experience for you make you stronger!


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  • I make a list of all the things that this girl did me wrong and all the reasons why it's damaging or unhealthy to continue with this girl. I got to the part for the reasons why we should continue, I couldn't think of a solid one. That really put things into perspective for me. Hope that helps.

  • I'm going through something similar started last week after dating for 7 months also. Relax and jump back into the pool find someone else to focus on and talk to. In fact it seems like he still hold feelings for this may be the kick he needs. You know jealousy and the could of been me thing. He may even be interested in some else I know it hurts but it is possible. My suggestion is momentarily cut communications and date others. What's meant to be will happen.


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  • To get over him,you have to disassociate yourself from him.No more contact for a while.Seeing him,communicating with him will just hurt you more in the end.So no more flirting,talking or associating with him.

    First,you have to grieve.Just cry,let it all out on your own time.Just cry,listen to "Y'alls song" over and over again and reminisce.It may seem silly,but you have to grieve and let out your emotions,when you're all alone and have alone time.Maybe one weekend,you could just stock up on junk food,rent movies and cry.Let I all out on your own.

    Then you're going to probably deny it.It will probably be hard to actually believe that it IS OVER and done with,but it will eventually come to mind.Don't have any contact with him at this point.

    Then you'll FINALLY accept that it is over.

    And you'll move on.

    But go at your own pace.There is no "set" amount of time to get over someone.You have to let it happen at your own speed and pace,don't try to force it,or get it over with,as it will take time.

    It's hard now,but it will get easier down the road


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