Girls, what to do with ex on TInder?

My ex showed up on Tinder. I want to swipe right, to see if she had done the same for me.
But what if we match? It could be awkward...
Should I unmatch again before she finds out? Og send the first message? Or let her?

(PS: Yes my goal is to get her back some day)


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  • You should definitely swipe right! If you match then you know she's at least a little interested as well! What is the harm in letting her know how you feel. If you don't take chances you'll never get her back!


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  • Match... See what happens. Life is short...

  • swipe right and see what happens... but if you match it doesn't necessarily mean that she wants you back. she could have just been curious to see what you did.

    if your goal is to get her back someday, maybe send a friendly message?

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