Does my ex girlfriend really hate me?

so my girlfriend broke up with me and didn't wanted to be in contact with me for at least a month. she lost her feelings for me. thats what she said. so we did the no contact and the second day i logged in on her snapchat because i had a weird feeling. her ex boyfriend was in her best friends list. she called me and i told her to leave me alone. she than blocked me on all social media platforms. couple of days later she unblocked me and tried to call me. i didn't pick up the phone.

now one of my friends was talking to her on facebook and my ex girlfriend said: i missed him the first day but he fucked it up for good! i'm really done with him. i start to hate him. i dont wanna see him anymore or talk to him. i'm happy now. i dont wanna be friends with him anymore. he is not getting a second chance.

this is like a week ago. what is going on? she says all of that, but at the same time she unblocks me and tries to call me.
we've been together for 1,5 years. and its always been real good. we both thought we were soulmates!


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  • Well... she said she misses you so she is very likely to still be in love with you. She doesn't hate you, she hates what you did.
    It depends of what you want, if you want to be back with her then tell her. If not, don't do anything and move on.

    • she said she missed me. that was before i logged in on her dnapchat. i want her back. but when i'm trying to talk to her she blocks me straight away..

    • Oooooooh, makes more sense. Well... move on. She might come back. When exes see that you're doing better than them, they usually get upset/jealous and try to get back to you (it's happening to me right now, my ex is being an annoying butt). But if you still have feelings for her, just tell her straight and whatever you did, apologize. It's always better to be compassionate than being right, especially in couple fights. Do that and see what happens.

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  • She sounds a bit psycho...


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