What does it mean if an ex contacts you?

My ex and I broke up a month ago. We haven't really spoken except for to accept everything and I did leave the door open to try to reconcile for various reasons, and he never reached out. Since then, I've obviously had time to think over everything and actually have some anger towards him, but on the bright side I've really gone forward in my life (graduation, new job, etc). He congratulated me when I got a job two weeks ago and announced it on social media and while that was very that he did that, it upset me for reasons I'll explain. Because of that, I removed him from social media. A few days ago he congratulated me on graduating and said "hope I'm doing well and celebrating." It did sting a little because he ran when I started laying down my life and goals and he was saying "I deserved better" out of the blue and couldn't tell me this to my face, after giving him a really long time for "time to think", so I did not respond. Would you have responded? Or is it something innocuous and just a nice gesture? I think he saw me at the ceremony (and I looked REALLY good) and thought it would be "decent" to say something. Yes/no/maybe so?


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  • Maybe so If he's not being mean to you

    • Would you have responded? or is it petty to still be a little upset and not want to speak, even if he was nice?

    • If I had to choose I'd say yes but this ex and dating stuff is complicated because I don't have many friends in general and never did growing up I've been a loner I'm not someone that is much a dater I really only like being friends with girls/women but in some ways I don't see the difference between dating or being friends

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  • I would t have responded.


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