My question is why my ex would purposefully avoid acknowledging my birthday?

So my ex and I broke up 8 months ago, but are back on friendly terms. The day before my birthday i posted on social media how excited i was for my birthday and he responded saying my birthday wasn't until the next day. Then on my birthday i sent a picture to a few of our friends talking out what i received as gifts and how i enjoyed the day. My ex commented saying hec was glad i had a great day but never wished my a happy birthday. No text, no social media post nothing. Then at midnight he sent me a picture of him and his dog. It was as if he was making it known he knew it was my birthday but refused to wish me a happy birthday. I just don't understand why, Any ideas?


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  • Staying in touch with an ex is a horrible idea and this illustrates the point. There is too much game playing based on the emotions left over from the relationship and the breakup. Don't you want to move forward?


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  • Although you and your "EX" who still sort of Mark an X in one another's hearts, are 'On friendly terms' here, dear, he may have felt this an awkward moment in Saying "Happy birthday" because he may have Felt you Might ask him to join in on your joyous occasion and he was Not into doing this With... A few of our friends.
    These little words could really speak volumes when it comes to Not being hooked at the hip. And in doing so, he could have stuck his foot in his mouth, ending up Committing himself with your Kodak moment sand it Ending in a way that could very well have Spoiled... Your happy day.
    Let it go and just remember, the street walks both ways. When it comes time for the birthday boy to Enjoy, put him on your pay no list.
    Every dog has his day as the old saying says, and he didn't feel like digging up old bones with the other pups.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Because he's your ex. You and him are not going out. Your not gonna be the first thing in his mind any more even if you are friends.


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