Help? I'm messed up, lonely without him and I'm who left without even saying goodbye to him?

i feel so lonely and like I deserve it because I left him.

so depressed and broken, I left because I know that it will never work and it doesn't make sense to both of us , we been in a bad mood since last time we talked to each other, we messed up, I feel like I'm nothing, don't know what I want or what's going on,i can't just take him off my head, I need help?


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  • I had the exact same experience as you are having right now... Your feeling depressed because you still like him and you want him back. I felt the same way and here are two choices I can give you:

    1: If you still like him and want him back talk to him about getting back together, and what you guys can do to make the relationship work.

    2: Find a different person to spend you time with.

    Best of luck to you!

    • I've tried to find some1 else but he won't get out of my head and I can't just get back because if I did that means that I'm just stalker or you can call me a cheap has no life that's why I didn't talk to him again even I know that I can't just forget him we were together for a year and half and I just left without an explanation and he didn't even ask me why so you want me to just tell him,he sounds he doesn't care at all.

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