Shall I tell her?

Ive fallen for this girl that I met online. We've been talking for almost two years now and she pretty much tells me everything. We talk about her relationships and mine and joke around and stuff. We talk to each other almost everyday but I live in Hawaii and she lives in the Middle East (although she's European). I know its a bad idea to like someone you've met online but I really can't help it. I don't know if I should tell her or not. What do you think?


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What Girls Said 1

  • honestly, how sure are you of her being what she tells you she is? Online stuff are just crazy, and people normally tell a lot of lies, not on bad intentions, but they wanna give you an image of what they WANT TO BE, not what they REALLY ARE. so for the most part I think it is wrong. Unless you two could plan to see eah other, say both of you go on vacation and meet up in a 3rd country (maybe somewhere in europe, or better yet her home town?) then see if you really have fallen for her.

    it is very adventurous and will be a fun experience AND you'll get the answer.


What Guys Said 1

  • there is too much distance involved here for this one to work out unless one of you were to move . and since she has never seen you in person or you seen her I doubt you'd both end up actually liking each other as much if you were to actually meet . even if you saw pictures of each other you could both end up looking a bit different in person , especially if pics only showed head shot .

    the reality is your just a pen pal to her , not by anymeans a serious relationship , she is a pen pal to you not your girlfriend .


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