Why would a bf/gf stop making an effort to see you but still act perfectly normal over text?

The texts are exactly the same as they were when you still saw each other 3x/week. They initiate texts frequently. Wanting to talk about your day, flirt, sext, send adorable messages like "kisses and cuddles" at bedtime. Then when you initiate plans they keep saying they would love to see you but they've been a "busy mess." And you know they're full of it because they used to make time for you even back when they had two jobs on top of audits at work. Even if they saw you late. If someone isn't interested anymore, why bother texting? I wrote a super long version to this but can tell no one had patience to read it. It's been 2 weeks of no face to face contact.


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  • He has someone else and is trying to keep his relationship with you viable until he sees what develops with the other woman.


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  • I would go no contact. He are not his girlfriend right now and I wouldn't let him have his cake and eat it too. He needs to see your value and that you have a life outside of "his texts" and that's more important to you then sitting there boosting his ego with a text. I wouldn't text him until he is asking to see you and even then show him what your worth and he'll want you even more. Tell him you already have plans that day but what about... such day. It will drive him crazy because now he knows he can have you and now it's time to show him what he's missing by making him miss you. No more texting... you're giving him exactly what he wants.


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  • I suppose texting it easier than seeing someone, yes seeing someone requires more effort than a couple of fingers skimming across the key board but that's why it takes two for a relationship to work. If you sense they're lying and indeed full of it, bring it up problems don't get solved but you just sitting there, he/she won't know this is bothering you until you say so. That's when you decide whether it's worth it that you're the only one making the effort. x


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