My abusive sex told me via text he was sleeping with my sister. I cut my sister out of my life for being toxic and I left him and didn't wanthimback?

This is killing me and making me sick to my stomach if she really did sleep with him. she's ignoring all my phone calls and went and cried to my brother and mom making me look like the bad guy. He talked about her several times like even your sister thinks you have problems ask her. Like they had been talking. This is making me sick to my stomach he was so abusive and for her to run to him after all that this guy did to me and sleep with me makes me sick to my stomach. Everything that he put in those texts turned out true. She said she didn't even like my ex or wouldn't have time. Sounds like bs excuses. I feel so sick to my stomach.


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  • I went through the exact same thing. Except he was sleeping with her while we were together.
    If she's not willing to talk to u then forget even trying. Eventually she will feel bad and come around and apologize... I'm sorry ur going through that. I know how much it sucks!!!

  • I also have been treated like the step child in my family and even adopted another one, only to be outcast from that. OK, so it turns out all that gave me the independence of character to forge a new life divorced from all of them and time enough to discover the best angel in my life, never have I had to so good EVER!
    So it's crystal clear to me that some things in your life need to be jettisoned in order to make room for all the good you wish as substitutes to find & fill you up.
    > cell phone goodbye, no trouble makers mentioned will get the new number EVER
    > all mentioned people giving heartache - goodbye
    > anyone able to pass news of your new life - cut off
    > new job, new town, new life = happiness that grows like grass at first, then blasts off


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