Boyfriend on holiday , at my hometown, he's been a bit off lately and I've ended up stalking him. Should we just break it off?

My boyfriend is on holiday in my hometown without me,
He started being a bit off like while we are skyping, he's just too busy on his phone or suddenly decides to take a 30mins break to do only he knows what yet we Skype mostly time past midnight.

On social media,
Our accounts are private from each other until recently when I decided to stalk him,
(yes, judge me)
I did it,

He now seems to have made friends on social media with about 15 super model like , groupie like women from my hometown.
Never knew that all that beauty existed there until I went through his s. c

I now more than ever doubt him, and his love.
And among all places did it have to be my hometown?
He claims that am everything to him and no matter what, he never lets go off me.

Going back in time,
I now feel as though everything has just been sexual and that the love never existed.

Is it I just being paranoid or is it just over between us?


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  • You could have a conversation with him and it may confirm your fears, but at least you would know with certainty if he confesses. If he doesn't confess, then what do you do? Break up because of your suspicions? Put him on a short leash? Suggest that maybe you shouldn't be dating monogamously because h isn't ready for that?


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  • it kinda seems like he's lost interest and moved onto other things. kinda messed up for him to not talk to you about it. but i think its proabably best if you let it go, so you dont get hurt.


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  • Calm u nerves not likely to be what u r thinking


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