Girls, how does a girl's mind work after a break up?

Girl broke up with me and I went no contact but she kept an eye on what I was up to on facebook and snapchat. Then suddenly she has me blocked. Is she irritated that I have moved on or does it suggest she wants me back but it hurts her to see me happy without her?

She broke up with me so why would she act like this? In person she avoids me and is cold but I've heard that negative emotions means she cares but is hurting and indifference means she doesn't care at all and it is 100% over.

Would like to get a girls perspective on this, as truth is I want to know if I can win her back.
  • She still cares but leave her alone to forget me
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  • She still cares and I should try talk to her
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  • She's over me and wants to forget me
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Well at the time of checking the results it's 20% for she's over me and 80% for she still cares... but from that it's a 50-50 split whether I leave her be or tell her. Lol!

If more info helps, her posts and snap stories have mostly been liking fotos of couples she knows (yeah I admit I have been secretly checking in on her too) and mine have been of me out with friends. She didn't do that before.

Need more votes to help me know what to do! Thanks for the help so far!


Most Helpful Girl

  • A girls silence is her loudest cry. Personally, i think she still loves you.

    Sometimes a girl may break up with a guy - (at times, for reasons only known to her), but in her heart she wants to get back together with him.

    I don't think this is 100% over. It appears to me you both still care about each other. If you do still want it to work... contact her. If not then let her go.


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  • If she wanted you to talk to her she wouldn't have broken up with you, just have acted differently.

  • She obviously is hurting but she needs to be left alone so she can move on


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