Girls, if you love someone, what would make you question that love?

I see a lot of examples of girls going through some serious crap for the guys they love, and I don't get it. I think "well, if that doesn't make you question whether or not you really love him, what possibly could?"

So, in a normal relationship (no abuse or cheating or anything like that), what would make you question your love for someone?

This question is mostly directed at older (22+) women - sorry, younger people but your hormones make you too chaotic for anyone to not consider having a change of heart as par for the course.


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  • i have questioned my love for my hubby before just by thinking about how differently my life could have gone if i would have not been with him. I don't know if it was reallymy love that i was questioning, but it made me think really long and hard about our marriage and our future and our life :/

    • so, if you were to hypothetically think he was the best thing that could have happened for you, then what would make you question your love?

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    • if he became adicted to something, i would try and help him stop, but if he was unwilling to change or at least make an effort i guess i would have to leave. i dont want to be #2 to a substance.
      if he got ptsd from something i'd just do my best to make sure he was getting the help he needed and make sure i dont do antything that woud trigger it. i would still know i love him no matter what happens, just would make me questions whether i want to put myself through that or not.

    • Thanks for MHO :D

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  • People can grow apart and that could defiantly make you question things. Aside from that I think cheating and lies would make me think...


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