Will this get better and do you think he'll unblock me?

Okay so me and my ex broke up beginning of April. This summer has been really tough because I still really love him. In the beginning of it, if I saw him at a party or something we wouldn't say hi and he would just avoid me. Then we slowly started becoming friends because one of my friends talked to him about us. He said good things, and that I'm the only girl he's ever loved we just aren't compatible. So, after this we would talk when we would see each other at the gym or at a party. On this past Saturday, I went to a concert. We were fine there until the ticket line. I saw this girl I've always hated hugging him from behind and stuff. I went up and hugged her from behind and go "this is SO fucking CUTE!!!" I started a whole scene and she was just explaining how they're just friends and he's going away to school (he's transferring to a school 14+ hours away... I think that's part of the reason why he broke up with me). I went all crazy ex girlfriend and that isn't like me at all because I'm so stressed about him hooking up with people. He doesn't care about that stuff though and he told my friend he isn't interested in anyone, mind you I had sex with a couple guys this summer and apparently he hasn't hooked up with anyone. The next day he blocked me on twitter and instagram, and deleted me off snapchat. I texted him apologizing and he said, "you can hook up with as many guys as you want but the second a girl who is just a friend to me is with me and you flip out. Give me as much space as humanly possible you do you and let me do me." And, I'm sure he blocked my number after that. He also was talking to my friends after about it saying "that's ridiculous she already hooked up with guys" and "I don't care what she does why does she still care what I do she hooked up with people." SO clearly he still cares if he's saying this to my FRIENDS? and I understand why he's mad I would be too but do you think in the near future we'll be civil again and he'll eventually unblock me?


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  • You don't get whatever you want, whenever you want it. You can't do whatever you want to do and not encounter consequences. You can't throw a bitch-fit and expect people to not call you a bitch. You can't screw up your relationship and then expect your ex to give you another chance.

    You sound like you are too self-centered to be in a successful relationship (and I'm talking about a relationship, not a fuckbuddy with balls.) Leave him alone and concentrate on becoming a better person. He is leaving for school and there is no way he would trust you to be in an LDR with him, so you are done for now. Maybe if you develop some maturity, he will reconsider things a few years from now, but don't count on it.

    You have lots of lessons to learn from this experience and you can become a better person because of this. . . or you can throw another bitch-fit, but guess what everyone will call you?

    • I know it was immature of me. I'm not one to do that at all so clearly it was just a mistake. You have no idea who I even am, it was just out of jealousy.

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