Is this a sign of depression of my parents getting divorced or maybe an anxiety disorder?

So my parents have been divorced for almost three years, they got divorced when I was 10 and now, I'm 13. I was fine for awhile after the divorce because I knew it wasn't my fault of my Dad drinking and relapsing back into drugs. So once he cleaned up and got sober, I started seeing him again. But, after that my Mom started seeing other men. She met this guy, she's known for almost over 8 months. After a few months of them being together he asked her to move in. And she of course said yes. I like him, he's a nice guy, but I had to leave my school... I was soooo upset because that was the only thing I knew that I always (thought) would stay. After we moved in, I got really sad... And bad thoughts. Never hurt myself or anything... But after a month he had us move out because his ex wife wanted to get back together with him. So, we left and I was happy I was going back to the same school... But almost, 6 months later he wanted to get back together with my Mom. So they did. They are dating now, and she said I am still going to my same school this year again, yay! BUT, I'm afraid, I'm gonna have to move in again after this year. Mom has never said anything about it though... And I've been feeling sad like I did before... I don't know if this is a sign of depression due to parents divorce or maybe a anxiety disorder? Please help! Thanks! :)


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  • I think you should ask your mom to take you to a counselor.

    • I can't tell my Mom about my depression... Or (so I think) it's too hard... She's really sweet... I'm sure she'd be understanding, but I just can't do it...

    • Well, neither you nor I know if you actually have depression. You need to see a doctor for that. Which is why you need to ask her to send you to a counselor.

    • Oh... Well, thank you.

  • might be depression i think.


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