Is he not over her?

I've been dating this guys for about 6 months. before we dated he was in a serious 6 year relationship. recently i found out he checks his ex gfs best friends snapchat frequently and sees pics of her too. i dont think there talking but could he not fully be over her


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  • ... But could he not fully be over her...
    You are in a date mate sticky situation with a newbie who is probably still googling and gawking over his Ex from the Past, which could turn into Not a Blast for you in your own relationship down the love line.
    Some good advice right now, Now that you have Found out the facts, is go slow with Joe's flow, don't wear your own heart on your sleeve and perhaps it might not hurt you to sit him down and get on the same page.
    Talk to him and find out how he might still feel for the skeleton in his closet. I believe he hasn't Found full closure and with you on his arm, you could be someone who is his rebound or even a somewhat comparison to the ghost of yesterday, which could rattle your bones a bit.
    You don't want to start off on the wrong foot so nurse and nurture this with kid gloves and take it easy with baby steps for your own safety.
    Good luck. xx


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  • It doesn't sound like he has really moved on from her. Talk to him about it.


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  • I wouldn't think so I mean 6 years is a long time. Did his relationship end badly?

  • I will readily admit that I still look up some of my ex-boyfriends from time to time and I am definitely completely and entirely over them (plus, I've been in a relationship for two years and am very happy). I don't really know WHY I do it. It might be a bad habit. These days it's just so easy to check things on Instagram, Facebook and whatnot, and it takes a better person than me to resist the temptation.
    So I have to disagree with those who say this necessarily and absolutely means he has not moved on and you're a rebound. Based on the fact that he looks up these things nobody can really say whether he's moved on or not. If there are no other reasons for you to believe that he is still stuck on her, I wouldn't jump to conclusions. But you could ask him why he does it. He may just be like me.


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