I "think" I'm over him but then, why am I still angry?

The fact that he has someone new, it opened my eyes to NEGATIVE things about him. I realized there was nothing good about him anyways. All I really liked was the thought that what we could've been, I was attracted to him very much and I believed in love. I was real and true and he wasn't, regardless of what he says. I know that's a one-sided but the fact that he moved on so quick to a new chic, while I thought we were working things out? F***** shallow! I really hope KARMA bites him hard.

at first it was love, sadness and hurt.
and now it turned to anger and I hate him SO much to the point I can't see myself forgiving him.


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What Guys Said 1

  • actually movin on so quickly as u say... possibly means he didn't care much about breakin-up. otherwise he'd try to work things out i believe.

    so anyway since he moved on... i believe u should do same thing as well... and don't bother thinkin about him u know... ;)


What Girls Said 1

  • That's better than sadness & hurt.


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