I hate him so much, how do I deal with all these anger?

So much has happened. Anyways, he came back the 2nd time after it didn't work out with the other chic. I let him in because it was my fault the first time, but somewhere in the middle this second time around, I started getting confused because he was giving me mixed signals. Out of frustration I said something that he took it personal and I haven't heard from him for almost a month now.

I started stalking him and I found stuff that while we were "working it out" there was a chic on the side he is talking to and now they are dating!
I actually had my friend add his new chic on IG, and it looks like she is spoiling him! like taking him out to shopping because he is wearing new clothes that I don't recognize he had! Not to mention, she is always taking him out and driving for him. my ex is BROKE, he doesn't have a job and can't even keep up with his bills!

anyways, with this new chic in the picture, how do you think this makes me feel? I feel like the shittiest gf! even though I tried my best and this chic comes along and she's going above and beyond and treating him like a king. She's like so obsess with himwish i could text him and cusss the **** out of him and just call him out on how shallow he is. He thinks I don't know his game!


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  • You went 'Above and beyond' Your own call of duty with this loser@silkteddy, and with him pulling his Macho magic on you for the Second time around, it is quite clear to me here, dear, he Isn't ready for a Real Relationship with Anyone, and it will be nothing but a Full circle problem pattern, down a bad beaten path and end Up... A War of the Roses in the Romance department.
    He is way too High Maintenance for you. You have Openly admitted that he is 'BROKE, he doesn't have a job and can't even keep up with his bills!' With That all being said, he is now scouting and scooping up the girls who can give him the world on a pity plate, and no one Less will do.
    It's all about with this Leach "What can you do for me today?" And if you Can't, he will go looking and lurking for his next vixen victim and cool Down... Thank God you threw in your crown now and know enough Now with what you Know, not to go back to That Damsel department.
    She will get tired of that lazy boy, believe me. And if he should come back to play that same song and dance with you again for the Third time, tell him Three Strikes you are Out, Bud. Tell this schmo that you deserve better and no more jumping through hoops for a bozo.
    Good luck. xx

    • How about if she doesn't get tired of him? Are you really sure? My friends says that her expiration will come soon after 3 months lol

    • lol... Then I think Three Months and He is OUT, but regardless no matter what, keep him at arm's length and out of harm's Way... He is detrimental to your health and your pockets. lol:)) xxoo

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  • Release it unto God

  • Anger is like an acid that eats away at your own happiness. You are angry because you feel so hurt, but being angry is like punishing yourself for his wrong behaviour.

    Take control of your anger and never let go of the the thought that you can do so much better that someone you almost settled for. He is a user and people like him have no regard for anyone elses feelings but their own.

    In time he will move onto another chick who is more resourceful than his new one. Don't tell him how hurt you feel... he won't care. Why let someone know how they made you feel when they don't value your tears and pain.

    You will only get over this if you cut all contact with him and stop thinking about the hurt he has caused you. Take the control away from him and gain control over your own emotions... by completely ignoring him. Instead of dwelling on the hurt... think about how lucky you are that you now have the chance to meet a guy who cares about you. There is nice guys who won't use you... he is just a stone amongst diamonds. Good luck 💛😊 x

    • Omygoodness this is beautifully said!! Thank you so much for your kind words.

      And yes you're right, when I gave him a long text message, a heartfelt one - he ignored it and pursued this chic he is with. It really showed how his feelings were shallow.

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