Was it real? Or was it nothing for her?

My girlfriend broke up with me and I still don't know why. She doesn't talk to me anymore, says she's happy without me, and that she hates me. She is 17 years old. We've been together for 1,5 years. I'm 24.

so this is basically our story

we were totally in love with each other
bought rings because we were going to get engaged
went on a holiday for 4,5 weeks
some dude tried to kiss her (she didn't told me)
next day she lost her feelings for me
we have no contact for 7 days
meanwhile she watched a movie with the same dude in his bed
day after she slept in his bed (saying they had no sex)
we had fights, lots of fights
she didn't seemed sorry for what happened
Got back home after holidays
decided we shouldn't have contact for 1 month
i send her a text the next day
she blocks me on everything.
now she tells people she hates me and doesn't wanna see me ever again and that she happy now
it doesn't look like it's hard for her
the week after we got back home she is already seeing someone.

been together for 1,5 years. We had so many dreams all gone. Was is real?


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  • ... She is 17 years old...
    You both were together for '1.5 years' here, dear, and this is the Best of the Rest times for Any teen to be living her life that she spent with you Instead Being... Two birds of a feather in One nest.
    She woke up one day and suddenly got this Itch to be a free bird, starting it off with 'Some dude' who got the ball rolling. From here it sort of just escalated itself to this point in time where Now... She is already seeing someone.
    She is this fickle pickle and although it may seem Not too koshore for sure, she is making up for loss time. It is better to know Now than to go and get the real ring thing and find it at the alter one day that she is Winging it with other Dudes and is Not going to be one to settle down with you under one roof. or even After... The honeymoon is over.
    Many times girls get restless in a relationship that they have stuck with for awhile While very young. Once tying the knot, they realize to their own eyes that they are Missing something with the Kissing of Some others who they wish they could have Experienced this with back then.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I am all for age differences but at this point in the both of your lives, it's clear to see she's mentally immature to handle a relationship.
    She's a girl in highschool who has yet to explore.
    All of her actions leading up to the break up you both had, shows this.
    I know you love her
    But you have to look at reality she doesn't love you back.
    At this point you have no choice but to let her go

    I just want to remind you,
    That you did nothing wrong.
    She just can't handle a mature adult relationship a woman your age may be able to give you.

  • sorry to tell you this but she was not serious at all as you were in that "relationship"... i think you were the one who was really in love in that relationship (since you were interested in getting engaged to her) BUT... she cheated in you with that other dude (yes its cheating: cause its really hard to believe that a girl who's in a relationship with someone would accept to watch a movie with some other guy... ON HIS BED... remember that its the same guy who tried to kiss her and its really hard to say that they didn't "DO" anything...)... and also feelings cannot be lost in just one day this sounds like a lame excuse... you definitely have to move on and look for someone more serious

  • how were you with her legally?

  • Maybe her feelings have changed over time and she has just grown apart from you. Usually when a girl ignores you or / and blocks you you it means she feels hurt

    What is real or true feels good
    What is false causes confusion and doubt


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