How to text with an ex?

Do you text same as you did while you were dating or differently? We used ot use a lot of smiley emoticons and use word LOL and stuff like that... should I not text like that anymore, even though it's a casual conversation about how our lifes been doing? I know it's a stupid question, I just never texted with an ex before.


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  • Continue Your Usual Pattern here, dear, make it Pleasant and Worth pushing a button for. 'Smiley emoticons and use word LOL and stuff like that' will surely make him smile on his own end, my friend.
    However, One thing Not to get a message across with is, the 'Way we were' when you both did the Split. Leave this Out of all the 'Casual conversations' and Only bring it up, if you get together and both of you are on the same page to Broach the sore subject.
    Good luck. xx

  • So why start now?, are u still interested in him/her?


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