What would make an Ex-Girlfriend want you back more?

Help? I'm gonna ignore my ex when she texts me just so she can pay the price for what she did to me. Or should I reply to her ( even if its just to say something mean ) or i be matrue and have a conversation but keep my replies short. What would make her want me back more? Not answering? or answering?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Answer her... I don't know what she did and I know that maybe u want her to feel as bad as u felt.. But ignoring texts is soooo bad and its the worst thing that could happen after a break up.. Just text her of she texts u and maybe keep it short.. But don't ignore..

    • Why is it bad and the worst thing you could do after a break up?

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    • I really just wanna know what would make her want me back more and what would hurt her more. and no i don't want her back, I just want her to realize she's made a mistake

    • She will realize it when time passes... She might not realize it now but sooner or later she will

Most Helpful Guy

  • answer her and see what she wants , usually they want you back because you have always been the better choice.


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  • answer her.


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  • What makes ou think she's gonna text?


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