Do I let him go? Or Wait this out?

I dated and lived with my boyfriend for a year. We were inseparable, in love and happy ( i thought)
He just left one day, moved out of my house while i was at work. I came home to all his things including his Dog just Gone. I found him staying with a friend in the Town where he sold his house about an hour away. We stayed in contact and he had planned to come back, we sought out a counselor to sort out some issues. While not living together anymore, he would stay over at my house a few days a week, he kept leading me to believe we were moving towards getting back together. I was walking on eggshells during this time and not acting like myself. Im deeply in love with him, and miss him.
I have ackowledged my side of this breakup.
It was a very difficult winter to live through so much snow. We were living in tight quarters with 3 dogs. Stress built for both of us, because he wasn't helping me out with bills and I would make it an issue, when we would argue. I needed him to show me that we were partners, and throw some money at something around the house, he never did, because he said it was my house and i made enough money. We had 3 huge fights in 9 months, always over finances.
I couldn't take the constant anxiety of not knowing during our separation if we were together or not, I tried to talk to him about this and emailed him both positive and angry emails. He sometimes responded or not, always telling me that he thinks about me everyday and he misses me, and now stopped reaching out to me all together. The strange thing is, he is hanging around my town, visiting all my hangouts alone, and I hear from friends that he is looking to buy or rent here? My town is very small, and i know everyone. I am going to have to see him everywhere? what is he doing? He left me, and this town why would he want to be around me? He is currently living an hour away, in a town he has lived in for 20 years. Very Confused, Very hurt, I love him, do i let him go or wait this out?


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  • I am not sure, he sounds confused to me. However I think you should wait it out for some time to see if he's really gone or will come back to you because you said he is still hanging out to all those places once he hanged out with you, so why would he do that if he didn't have any feelings for you.


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  • I wouldn't wait for him to make up his mind. He refused to contribute to the costs even though he lived there, he just packed his things when you were out and moved out without telling you a thing. All these things are pretty much things I could never forgive. I'm not sure if anyone is worth waiting for, but this guy definitely is not.


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  • It sounds like he is already gone.


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