If your girl talks about her ex?

I was on the phone with my Fiance 2 nights ago, we ware talking about my best friend, and how much we love each other and how close we are and also that we been besties since the 6th grade, Then out of the blue my dumb ass was like "My ex always wanted me away from her, and he always was trying to mess our friendship" He was just listening, Then after 5 minutes He goes like "Okay goodnight am sleepy now" I was like Okay!

So and all yesterday we didn't talk over the phone or anything. But today he called me all pissed off about the fact that I brought my ex name up, he was SO mad, I felt so stupid, and I know it hurt him, just to let you know I have 0 feelings for my ex, I don't like him anymore at all.

then my fiance was like you better not ever bring his name up. If you wanna bring his name up to me, break up with me before you do so. I told him that I was really sorry, and I didn't mean to hurt him what so ever. and that he means the world to me, and I wouldn't pick anyone over him... He felt better after that Thank god.

Anyways my question is how many of you guys would get mad if your girl talks about her ex?


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  • Wow, your fiancĂ©e seems to have a short fuse. Nobody wants to hear someone drone on and on about an ex, as if they haven't gotten over them yet. But you were talking about your best friend, that was the topic at hand, and he was just a minor detail of said topic. I'd not even thought anything of it. Other than just how much of a douche your ex must have been, and that would've just been one of probably many reasons you left him and would never go back to him.


    • I don't know about that my dear. I have my faults as any othe But I do at least attempt to be decent, which is more than many can say =P

  • I wouldn't get mad, but I wouldn't want to hear anything about her ex.


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