What to answer when after we swore he sent our fotos?

we live in other countries and last time we went together to 3rd country to meet, we swore very badly...
he ended up hitting me in the face with all his strength...
i run from him, to the airport...
after 1 month he tried to add me to friends, but i denied , then he sent me photo of us both from that journey...
didn't even say hi, like nothing happend wrote "i didn't take many pictures from the trip, but here are some"
i only said "ok, nice pics"
then in 2 weeks he send another and wrote short "here is another pic i took while u were shopping"
i only answered "ok"
and now he silent again...
i dont want to communicate with him anymore, at least until he say sorry for hitting me...
what do u think?
what should i do?


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  • You should be glad he went silent again and if he messages you again, you should ignore him. Even if he apologises. You should also consider blocking him.


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