Is my ex jealous?

My ex broke up with me 2 months ago. He hasn't called me at all except once about 2 weeks after we broke up and he said he still loved and missed me. I didn't say it back though. He just found out I've been talking to one of his friends and ex texted him to ask if we were talking. He put a wink face on his text to the other guy -I guess to show he doesn't really care? The other guy thinks he was jealous but I can't tell. My ex and I were best friends for 8 months and I still can't believe that he just walked away without a reason or any contact! I just want him to miss me and be jealous because I miss him.


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  • He's an ex, why do you even care?

    • Because I still have feelings for him. Mine didn't go away like his did

    • Give it time... you need to move on.

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  • Oh he is 100% jealous but doesn't want you to know. It is killing him. I'm telling you. Good move on not saying it back! I would keep talking to his friend and when your ex asks you what's going on be very vague "oh, just hanging out" or don't say anything at all about it. Ovoid the question and move onto something else. Guys want what they can't have and since he is the one he broke up with you... he needs to put in the work now, if that is something you'd even consider.

    • Thank you so much for answering. I don't think he'll ever even contact me again since its been about 6 weeks since I heard from him. It makes me sick to my stomach that he threw everything away like this. I wish we could at least have our friendship back. But I couldn't handle knowing if he had a new girl. :(

    • You won't get that friendship right away. The worst thing to hear is "time" but really that's the only thing for your friendship to develop otherwise there's just too many emotions and the chance of a friendship won't happen. If he wants to be friends... He'll get in touch with you. It sounds like he might be trying to get over you or is scared of texting you to find out you've moved on. Who knows what he is thinking. I think he will eventually get in touch with you. If not and you really want to text him, It's been a while you could text him and say "hey remember the time we..." and see if he responds. Then go from there. Hopefully it will start the line of communication. Always be the one to cut the conversation short leaving him wanting more. As for him dating another girl. If he is it's a rebound relationship those NEVER work out. I wouldn't put too much energy into that.

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