Would she take me back after I cheated? I was stupid then and I realize that now...

I'm not really sure why but Yes, In fact, I did cheat... it wasn't much. .And it wasn't as bad as it could e but I kissed another girl... I lied about it because I was afraid that if My Girlfriend knew the truth she would leave me.. Well We were together for a year and three months... and I was the happiest guy alive with her... My heart smiled after I saw her or even thought about her... I was so deeply in love with her and we had an amazing relationship aside from what had happened 7 months in (The Kissing another girl)

I love this girl dearly and I would LOVE for her to be my wife someday.. I'm 16 and so is she... I need Desperate help... She tells hers and My friends that she doesn't ever want me back and that she wasn't happy in our relationship...

I know what I did to ruin things was stupid... I have no excuse or reason as to why I did but it happened... It is never going to happen again... and I am incredibly sad and hurt so I don't need people telling me that they wouldn't take me back and I was a lying dirt bag who was a stupid cheater... I love this girl to death and if she were ever to take me back which I am hoping and praying for... I would be the luckiest, Happiest, most in love guy in the entire universe, Nothing could make me happier unless we went all the way to marriage... I just need to know what to do now... she barely talks to me, she blocked me off Facebook, and I think she might be moving on and talking to another guy about dating him...

she doesn't really want to talk to me about anything Relationship wise...

A Friend of mine who talked to her told me that she said she didn't even want to talk to me as a friend because Every chance I got I tried to ask her back...


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  • Think about it this way:

    If she took you back for kissing another girl, she is setting a president that your behavior was acceptable and she leaves the door open for you to do it again in her mind. What you did somehow really affected her a lot, and maybe that little event changed her mind about you. If she was true to you, she deserves someone who it going to be the same to her.

    What I would do is leave the situation alone. There may be nothing you can do or say to repair the situation because she's this level of hurt. If she no longer wants to speak to you, you should have expected this to be the worst case scenario of your choices. I would start to move on with my life and just respect and pay attention to what happened here, but there is good news! I'm 25, and I still haven't made up my mind about marriage, you have more time than I do to spread your wings, all you have to do is come to terms.


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  • um if I were in you position I would let her calm down ask her to be your friend and see how the relationship unfolds. girls take longer times to get over things apologize everyday until she finally forgives you

  • You're going to have to bend over backwards to gain back her trust. It's not going to be easy. I don't know what things you can do to prove to her that you're trustworthy. Sit down with her and talk this over


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  • You guys are too young to be thinking of marriage and all that.

    At 16, you should be paying more attention to school and all that rather than relationship. Wait to be more mature before having a serious relationship.

    It is natural that you were curious and kissed the other girl. No big deal at your age.

    • I am 16 yes... btu I prefer Commited relationships.... and Her coming back to me would say she saw how I changed and she still loved me... In my opinion anyway.... and My school isn't important because I am homeschooled and my mom gives me fire fighting work because I am a volunteer....

    • In that case, go and talk to her that it was a mistake and means nothing to you. It will never happen again and nothing matters to you more than her forgiving you and coming back to you.

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