Is it worth sticking around?

She said were broke up but we still live together and have sex... she said im her. Best friend... we were together 5 years and have 2year old she says she loves me but is not in love because of our rollercoaster past... she said ima awsome dad and boyfriend but not good for relationship... i love her and want it to work... she said im being her best friend only with hopes of a relationship but im not thinking about the other outcome but i think we can rekindle the spark... thats why im still here... what she's going through? Should I just leave? Am i wasting my time? Or chances are good?


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  • I think you should start building a new life--one that doesn't include her. Doesn't necessarily mean that you have to move out tomorrow. The two if you might be perfectly happy as roommates and friends for months or even years to come. But you deserve to spend your life with someone who is IN love with you; not just someone who is fond of you. Based on what she said, what you once had is likely over and done with, and it's time to move on.


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  • From a distance, I'd have to say, "listen to what she's saying." Is being a "best friend" that is contingent of her not finding someone, good enough for you? On the other hand, you're seeing your kid, so be happy about that. I don't mean this in a bad way, but exactly what is wrong with you?

    • Don't understand? What's wrong with me? Why you say that? And what you mean by _ being a best friend contingent of her not finding someone... what that means?

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    • so it's best to play it day by day and hope for better.. or pack up and leave?

    • It's impossible to say. Is she one of those people who make random pronouncements, or is she the serious thoughtful type who weighs every word. How did she say it. After an argument or l while discussing your lives. Is she a doer or a thinker. Will she be going out looking for her true love or is she going to stay home. To many variables. overall, unless she bas plans, I'd stay. Otherwise you'll lose your kid.

      Good luck.

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