Girls, after you've lost interest in your boyfriend but haven't broken up, can he re-attract you to save the relationship? Can you trust him again?

Girls, after you've lost interest in your boyfriend but haven't broken up, can he re-attract you to save the relationship? how long until u trust him again?

He could have cheated on you, not given you enough attention, just been really needy for whatever reason, anything that made you lose interest in him. You haven't broken up with him but have definitely considered it. He saw what he was doing and stopped, but things still aren't the same. Is there any hope for the relationship? How long will it take you to trust him again and feel excited about being with him again?

Personal experience is preferred.


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  • Personally, if my trust has gone... it can't be regained. I never go back to the one thing which broke me.

    Even if i still loved him, i wouldn't trust him again. Therefore, my feelings can never be the same as they were before. Once someone betrays my trust... i never give them the opportunity to hurt me again. Staying with him would be like giving him my consent to betray my trust a second time

    If it was a case of us just growing apart then i could learn to care for him again ( as before) we would have to work at the relationship together , and reslove any issues we had.

    I have been in a relationship where we grew apart. We were going to split up, but we both decided to fight for what we had. We talked in depth a lot more about how we felt about our relationship. What we expected and wanted from each other to be happy again. Through communication and respecting how each other felt we saved our relationship. We also spent more quality time doing the things we said we would do , but didn't get around to doing

    Communication, respect and understanding how the other person feels helps two people to become close again.

    Relationships can be saved... as long as the trust is still there. Broken trust means the relationship can't be saved. Trust takes years to build, seconds to break but can never to reapired.


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  • If he has been cheating on me, there is nothing that can make me trust him again or get me attracted to him anymore. If he wasn't giving me enough attention, that can always be fixed with more attention basically. We don't lose interest because not enough attention, we lose it because we find someone else who gives us more attention. So if I haven't found anyone else, it's still fixable. If he was being too needy, that can also be fixed by him not being that needy anymore. Everything can be fixed with communication and by changing everything that made me lose interest.

  • A couple months at least

  • Not really, once the trust is not there, it's absolutely nothing left


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