We broke up 3 months ago he ended it, now I am just trying to understand his recent actions... What is he doing?

We ended in May on his birthday, (lost his connection to the relationship and lack of communication) come June on my birthday he decided to delete me (not block) off social media but has remained friends with mine and my family. About 3 or so weeks ago I find him going out of his way to drive in front of me ( Ik it was him bc it was his patrol car) 15 mins extra out of his way before turning to go home (he knew I was behind him) then 2 days later and the day before my family trip he called my mom and she tried to hide it, but won't tell me why he called or for what. I recently got a call from his neighbor about legal advice since I work in the field and the questions she asked he could have answered, then she went on to ask how I was and if I'm dating etc.. I messaged him about the legal questions and said she would be contacting him since I couldn't help her and he apologized if she was bugging me. Fast forward to Monday I had sent him a message and then asked how he was and got no response, yesterday I'm driving back from lunch and he sees me. he was outside by a corner against a building and he waved at me (I think), I didn't wave back cuz it was to late I already passed and I get to the stop sign and I see him peaking out behind the building looking at me ( like super discreetly) till I moved up to turn. then I see him at work and he smiles and waves again (same day). On my way home from work yesterday He did it again but his time intentionally got behind me and followed me. He intentionally did it bc he was in his usual lane to drive straight saw me and immediately got behind and turned on to my main road to leave town to get home and refused to pass me or get it of my view. I'm not trying to see how to get him back I'm trying to understand what his actions are, we don't speak really and haven't hung out since the split. His actions have all been within the past few weeks. What do others think of it? Not trying to read into it to much just clarify.


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  • i think you're overthinking it.


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