Does this breakup seem justified and needed?

My ex & I broke up 2 months ago, stopped talking since we didn’t “officially” break up but it’s still a break up. She’s the one who initiated the relationship; we were together for 2 years ½. I didn’t feel like the love was reciprocate nor was she committed so I was the only one “rowing the boat”. All of our talks were through phone, when we talked face to face it was during sex. She kept our relationship top secret therefore she never introduced me to her parents, friends or siblings so she pretended like she barely knew me at school.
During this relationship she "accidentally" kissed 2 guys but I forgave her
She was my first & probably last girlfriend so I tried my best to hold on to her & make things work since I couldn’t imagine my life without her despite the bs.

I’d address a lot of issues, like her being a lot closer to some of her male classmates then she is ever to me at school but she’d just tell me “It’s friendship”. I started keeping it all to myself since I saw she wasn’t changing. Which eventually led to our break up when she let this guy kiss her on the cheek in front of me when she won’t even let me do that kind of stuff & knew I wouldn’t like it… I Had a conversation & told her I had enough of it:
Her acting like she doesn’t know me at school.
Keeping our relationship hidden.
Not putting effort into our relationship.
Acting single.
Taking me for granted etc.

During this conversation I might have said some “mean” things which she didn't like similar to I wished I never met her, she ruined my life because I can’t get her outta my head. Mostly because I was really mad at her for not caring about our relationship, about what I was saying & how I felt.

It’s over, I told some friends about our relationship they were suprised & my ex got angry at me for that. I’m really mad at myself because I let this go on for all this time because I was so stupid also blinded by "love” & she has no remorse which makes it worse :(


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  • First you will find a better girl trust me she probably grow up and mature and be a better person or still be the way she is if so karma will get her. Second fuck her I would never do those things to my bfs and she thinks its ok to do those things really? but if you did that to her she would be mad its so bs.

    • I hope so but doubt it because I don't have a social life outside of school and I can't talk to girls. I guess she thought it was ok since after multiple talks she continued as we never talked about it. Yeah she's so selfish she never put herself in my perspective. I hate myself for kinda missing her sometimes lol

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    • No never tried and I wouldn't know where to start either and plus if Im horrible with girls and people irl chances are online is no better

    • Not true I find that talking online is way easy then on phone and face to face so maybe you should try it you never know you might find someone and get a relationship :) I usually go on meetme try there first.

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  • You did the right thing. You shouldn't let her play you like that. It's like she never cared about your feelings. If she wants to commit she will come to you. If she doesn't then it's for the best! Why would you want to be with a selfish person who doesn't care about you?

    • Thank you, knowing how she is she won't come back because I told someone people about our relationship and for her thats the end of the world.

  • Hey! Hopw things got better.

  • Just move on. You will someone better.


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  • I've been there. Like a hopeless romantic that gets a shallow, selfish girlfriend. Give it time and you will find someone who likes you for what you are and worth.


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