Girls, help me out please?

So my girlfriend (17 years old) broke up with me 3 weeks ago. She lost her feelings. Than she said she wanted to be free because she's going to uni. At the moment its doesn't look like it she is damaged in any way. Everyone says she looks happy. We've been together for 1,5 years. Everything was great, until her mum started hating me for protecting my ex. Her mum has got borderline en she's been in control of my ex her whole life and still is.

When she broke up with me, I was stupid enough to login on her snapchat and her ex boyfriend was on the best friend list.

she found out that I logged in. Blocked me everywhere. Changed her passwords. And now she's telling people she hates me. Doesn't wanna see me. And that she's glad that I'm out of her life.
i checked up on her because my feelings for her are so strong. And I felt like something was wrong..
its not an excuse. I logged in, shouldn't have done it. after that I left her completely alone.

Standing in her shoes, is this enough reason to hate me? In my eyes it's really weird. Can't believe that someone you've been together with for 1,5 years and had such a great time, you start hating after.

She's already seeing someone else. And I just don't know what to think of it.


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  • you betrayed her trust and proved her mother right... thats a huge crime for you to do to a 17 year old girl...

    1) you are trying to show your mother you are grown up enough to handle everything and she's not right about everything she says... she probably fought your corner and was proved wrong.

    2) you break her trust and snoop and thats what she thinks it is, you spying on her.

    I think its a bit dramatic but she's a 17 year old girl... thats what they do.

    • Weird thing is that she unblocked me and tried to call me. I didn't pick up because I was in shock..

    • what a rubbish reason to not pick up.

  • I think she's overreacting. But it sounds like you are better off. Seriously, she sounds immature in my opinion. But you guys are only 17.

    Think of it this way. Most people do not marry their high school sweet heart. And if she was silly enough to break up with you because she wanted to be free for university, well then she must not have had deep feelings for you. You deserve a girl who is going to love you and want to be with you. Not one who's going to leave you so she can try other guys.

    If you are looking for a lasting relationship, then it's probably best to move on.


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