Please help me I'm so confused?

me and this guy have dated before. We ended cause one day he just randomly stopped talking to me.. Anyway in the past 6 months we've been hanging out every week.. He's stayed at my house a few times.. We've cuddled but haven't had sex yet.. We always have good times and we're always laughing together.. He asked me "would I be his gf" I said yes but then nothing has come from it at all.. We still talk every day all day.. I asked him last night where I stand with him and he said he doesn't know.. He also said he cares about me more than anyone even himself.. Im confused.. Do I just stop all contact and move on or do I keep trying to be with him?


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  • Predicting people is difficult, what they want, why they do things, their actions. In my job, I predict people in their actions. What they do, say, and think. But inaction is very difficult to figure out. I like to use time to measure inaction. If someone wants a cookie, it might take them five more minutes to make sure they really want it. But when it comes to love and relationships, it takes a little more than a few minutes. You've seen him for almost six months. Not only that, he's talked about you being his girlfriend but then didn't follow though. If a guy is telling you that he loves you, basically all the things he's said to you, but isn't willing to follow though, his connection isn't as strong as you might think. That's why I'm talking about inaction. If he was afraid someone else would get you, he might panic. He might react quicker so you wouldn't date someone else. When I knew I wanted to be with my girlfriend (ex now) it took me three months of real dating to really know. She asked me how I feel about her and then asked me if I wanted to be her boyfriend. I actually put her off for a week so I could really think about it, but I still look back wondering why I took a week. To me I should have known right away, or at least the next day. You know what you want and what you love. Him hesitating is, to me, him just keeping you on the hook. And you can't make him commit or he's resent you for it and break up with you eventually. He needs to step up to the plate and be a man. I think you should try to find someone who wants to be with you, who isn't afraid to be your boyfriend nor you his girlfriend. But if you really like this guy, talk to him and tell him how you feel. That you want to be in a relationship with him and see what he says. If he's still on the fence, just leave. Don't tell him that if he doesn't date you seriously, you'll date someone else. That'll just make him want to date you so he doesn't lose you. This isn't about keeping or losing him. This is about him following though with his feelings and really being there, or not there. You deserve someone who will want you, all of you. Being on the hook is terrible


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  • When you don't know where you stand with someone , then maybe it's time to start walking. Trust your heart... what is true feels good. What is false causes doubt and confusion.

    Sometimes in life you have to stop waiting around for other people and move on without them... if they care about you and they're meant to be part of your life then they'll catch up.


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  • I would first have a conversation with him and tell him exactly what you need from him. That you are confused and want you two to be on the same page. I wouldn't stop all contact until you talk to him. Sometimes when you're going from dating to relationship nothing does change for a while. It sounds like you guys could be really good together.


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