We been through a lot, and he dumped me over an email, why is he so cruel?

was with this guy for over a year or so. Things were pretty good at first, but then he got too jealous because of my swimsuit pics on facebook. I knew he didn't like it so i stopped posting them. But here and there, he just dig up something, constantly bring me down as if I was a trashy slut. I knew he was insecure but I didn't point at his face yelling at him about his insecurity. I just hoped my love for him would prove that he was the only guy that I love.
Until one day he saw my MySpace profile, which I didn't use for like forever and he saw a swimsuit pic on there again, he started saying things like i try to seek for attention from other guys and so many hurtful things. He blamed that he was not emotionally unstable because of me.
It got to the point that I told him I can't take it any more. I had to give up. I want a happy relationship with a future. I understand relationship is difficult from time to time but I want a guy who can stay with me until the end, through up and down in life. He started saying sorry to me very sincerely, I thought he wanted to change so i gave in and tell him ok lets do this for both of us. But the next day i met him, I asked him what he wants to do? He seemed to get cold feet and told me he didn't know, he was not sure.. I got pissed at him and told him if he can't decide then i will make a decision for him I left.
3 days later, i texted him asking him to meet up again. I told him I want to clear everything out before we move on from each other, as we live pretty close to each other, I dont want to run into him someday with a hateful feelings. That meet-up was pretty okay, we talked , hugged and kissed good bye. I have set up my mind to move on..
then one week later he asked me to meet up again. I agreed, came see him at the coffee shop, didn't expect anything.
For the first time he admitted that he was insecure, said sorry for what he did to me and asked me if i still want to work on things
I told him it would take lots of work because i am damaged. I dont feel very sexual recently. The next morning i got an email from him, saying he can't work on things since i lost desire for him. I was like wtf, i wanted to fix that so i told him that
Why he had to pull that move on me? Why so cruel?


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  • I'm guessing he hasn't had much relationship experience. Dude's got to get a grip, and realize that if you wanted to be with someone else, you wouldn't be with him.

    I don't blame you for not wanting to be with a guy who keeps calling you an attention whore over stupid shit like swimsuit pictures on social media.

    • Thank you, i'm just still shocked about what he did , asked to work things out then emailed me to break up, made it seem like its all my fault

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