My ex texted me after a year of no contact, what could this mean?

Well we broke up a year and a half ago, it was his decision. He lost feelings for me I guess and he wanted to be single and focus on his studies. His life was a real mess though, he droped down the school, didnćt want to find a job, he used to just sit at home and play video games. He was very very immature. And we were also in a LDR so that made it even harder. Before I met him I was planing to move to his country but that dream was very hard to achieve then, that's why we stayed in LDR for 3 years, just waiting for the opportunity for me to move there. Then he just dumped me.

I was very heartbroken and I couldn't cut him off, so we stayed in contact for next 6 months. I thought I could be friends but I was wrong. He was acting like the breakup never happened, he would still call me and stuff. Then I got a job there. I was getting ready to move there and I told him about it, but he said that doesn't change anything and that he just wants to finish school and get a decent job. I was heartbroken again and I finally let it go. I told him that I don't want to be friends, ever. So we stopped talking.

Fast foreward to now, it's been a year since I moved here and my life changed completely. I am so happy that I am here! My job is great and I have great friends. I have my own place and a really nice life. I stopped thinking about him eventually. But I haven't been in a relationship ever since. I dated a little but I just wasn't into it that much.

Well today he texted me. After so long! I was very suprised. I don't know what to think or how to feel honestly. He asked if I am still in his country and how am I doing. The thing is, I've been down that same road with him before, where he just wants to friendzone me. In the last 6 months after we broke up he would disappear and then call again, giving me signals like he wants me back, but then just bails out. I am afraid that he is doing it again.
But I can't help but thinking that maybe he finally found a job and has settled down, and now wants to keep his promise. I don't see a reason why getting in touch with me then? What do you think? I know I am gonna respond but I just don't know how?


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  • Oh he will do it again. Sooner or later. You can talk to him if you want, but do not put your hope on this

  • Well, I would tell you not to reply but you say you will, just don't know how. If you really do want to reply, keep it casual. You should keep your distance from this person because he's obviously not good news. He doesn't sound like a very considerate person at all and I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. So if you must reply: keep your distance, keep it casual, and don't try to get your hopes up so you won't be too vulnerable.

    But honestly: you say your life is great, your friends are great – why would you want to risk all that because of a guy who's let you down more than once already?


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