Why did I just have a dream that me and my ex boyfriend were talking like we're still together?


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  • This is a common dream. I have comparable dreams like this every year for 25 years.

    • Whatt? 25 years?

      And it's been months since me and my ex It shouldn't be common anymore I would think?

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    • No. She is married to a douchebag in New Hampshire. I am married to someone else. I do know that my ex girlfriend's mother hates her son-in-law and likely wishes I married her daughter. She knows that her daughter was the love of my life and that I wanted to marry her daughter.

    • Oh we'll I think my ex still likes me but he's stubborn

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  • Sometimes dreams mean nothing.

    I can't tell you how many times I have dreamt about people that didn't matter to me.

    However, you know yourself better than I do.
    If you know you aren't over your ex.
    And you dreamt of him... the dream is only bringing to surface how you still feel about him.


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