I lost my best friend in the entire universe and its my fault!!! what do do?

I don't know what to do! we got in a giant fight and now he has completely blocked me. Its all my fault. las year we broke up and it caused a lot of issues in our friendship. he broke my heart and i would vent to him and i screwed up. i love this guy to death and i know its for the best but its ripping me apart. i never meant to piss him off so much that he would leave me as a friend. i didn't mean to hurt him. he's the only one i had. i have no one now and im hurting. I don't know what to do. i can't stop crying and hating myself and wanting to die


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  • Calm down, trying to talk now that things are still recent can make things worse. Wait a while, then try to talk to him again when both of you are calmer. Nothing is lost, think that it's a crisis your friendship is facing, not the very end of it.


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