Ex is suddenly being really nice to me?

well my ex and i had an on and off relationship for about a year. he ended it with me and a few months later dated this other girl. when we were dating he was friends with her and would flirt with her.

they lasted awhile and when him and I broke up i was really nasty. he wouldn't talk to me all while him and her were dating and he pretty much forgot about me. but she broke up with him recently and he tried getting her back and she didn't want to date him. so now about a few days later he's being super nice to me and flirting with me?

whats up?


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  • sounds like he's hoping ull be his backup dont be ANYONES second choice, tell him straight you are no backup

    • yeah that's what im thinking... its probably because after we broke up he kept coming back to me until he knew that someone he really liked liked him back... he's actually a really mean guy and was super mean to his last girlfriend.. always yelling

    • stay away from that kind of guy they are not real men at all. trust me you deserve better and there's a LOT of good ones out there don't rush

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