Someone for everyone?

Do you believe that some people will just NEVER be in a serious relationship and are just not meant to be loved at all?

Or, is there someone for everyone and everyone will eventually end up with their other half?


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  • It's an innate human behavior to WANT to be loved; however, it takes our own effort to give love.

    There was an old saying to this - If you want to receive respect, give respect. This applies to relationships / love / everything that is reciprocated. If you want love - you need to love someone to receive their love for you.

    There are always people who are misfits and don't deserve to be loved, but they will anyways (Think of the players and the pimps, or on a different note - the Pirates that have been hijacking ships). If someone loves you enough - they are only asking that you feel the same way.

    Be proactive and show your love for other people, but only express your TRUE LOVE to ONE person.

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  • I think some of us will get unlucky and never run into that person.


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  • Everyone finds their guy, you can't rush it, it will come when its meat to, probably when you don't expect it.

    You might have already met your 'other half', maybe you just don't know it yet.

  • I believe if there is a desire to have a companion you will have one but not everyone wants a relationship. SO I believe there's someone for those who desire to have someone.

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