Moving in with sister?


I was talking with my sister, and the idea of moving in with her came up. She currently lives at home, I live in an apartment on campus but I will be moving out of it in May. She was thinking of getting a place, but she would need a roommate. Do you think this would be a good idea or not? She is 2.5 years older than me. She has a well paying job. She is kinda messy tho. My worries are bringing over women would be awkward. Also many other things.

Please guys/girls tell me your feelings on this. What would be some +'s and -'s?


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  • I wouldn't recommend it.

    Personally I'm against share accommodation outright. I like my own space, I like my own kitchen, my own bathroom. I like that I don't have to ask what to watch on the TV and so on.

    When I did live in share accommodation, I had to put up with their mess, their noise, their lifestyle. It sucked. And that was a couple of mates from university.

    If you live with your sister you're going to end up getting to have to be pretty comfortable with things. For instance, her boyfriends, her moods, her habits, her choice in tv/music etc. Heck even her period (PMT).

    This is why, generally, guys move in with guys and girls move in with girls, when share living in shared accommodation. It's not awkward with a bunch of guy mates (or even a brother) to say "Hey guys American Pie is on lets watch that movie with that russian babes t*ts in it", but with a sister it's a bit trickier.

    If you get along with her really well, and are both very grown up/easy going it could work, but honestly I wouldn't recommend it.


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  • Everyone says things they don't mean in a fit of rage. I kno guys can be very slow to forgive but I jsut say keep trying to explain to him that you were just talking out of hurt. A lot of guys are really stubborn when they get hurt and inside they want to forgive but their fear of abadonment is really powerful, just be persistent, and time passing cat hurt either, everything could work out, hopefully sooner than later

    • Off topic?

    • Haha yea.....ok sry dude I totally p[soted this to the wrong question.....sooooo off topic haha

  • [ +'s ]

    - Living on your own

    - Living (with / close to) your kin.

    - Sense of living (How to keep a house clean, etc)

    [ -'s ]

    - If you don't have a job, you'd be relying on her not to lose hers.

    - Rules / Regulations that may come into affect (not as bad as an apartment =P)

    - Watching her getting used by douschebag guys (and having to hold your tongue)

    - Awkwardness of trying to sleep with your Girlfriend in the same house as your sister

    - Awkwardness if your sister walked in on you sleeping with your GF

    Best regards,


    • I second the "Watching her getting used by douschebag guys (and having to hold your tongue)" I think that would be the

    • Actually the past 2 boyfriends she has had, which have been the past 3 years all have been really nice guys that I have actually enjoyed hanging out with, including the current boyfriend who seems really cool.

    • Thanks Max =)

      QA - That's great, though I'm saying if one of them does something to make her cry, it'll will boil inside you, but realise that you cannot intervene if that happens (Unless she asks you to).

  • i would say some definite pluses would be that youd get to be closer with your sister and also she is a girl so her girlfriends would be over your place so youd have chicks in your house a lot and minuses would be personal bringing over a girl or her bringing a guy over and if you hear or see anything I think I would probably be scarred for life. other than that its fine...the only worry when you move in with people is will they carry their weight in the financial situation and it sounds like she's good with that so I think you would be straight moving in with her.

  • her worries probably are her bringing guys over


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