How can I get over him?

I've known this guy for about 7 months and liked him for 5. We've texted a few times and I thought he was interested. The things he would say just seemed like he was into talking and into getting to know me. I thought he wanted to hangout but I texted him 4-5 days ago and said hey whatcha doin? And he never answered. He hasn't been on snapchat much because he always looks at my story but I'm assuming he didn't answer because he's not interested. It's really confusing and I don't want to keep thinking I have a chance when I dont. How can i move on from someone I care about and really like so much?


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  • Best bet is be DIRECT with him , guys haven't got a clue about subtle female signals , just go for it , girls will encounter rejection far less often than guys , plus we aren't mean about it !

    • So even if I texted him and he didn't answer I should give it another shot?

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    • Do it !! You have a high chance of success , plus any guy will be flattered as this very rarely happens to most guys. Could be a life event getting in the way of his life , you can't know for sure. We all encounter some form of rejection in life , it's no big deal , it helps you grow as life is not fair , you have to make the best of it.

    • I don't really know where we could hangout though. I would love to just be like hey do you want to do this or come here but I feel like he wouldn't answer. I don't know what I could say that would cause him to be like yea that sounds good

  • It's tough isn't it. There could be a reason. Maybe he's sick or something. It's possible. Next time you see him in person see how he acts with you. If he seems distant then it might be time to let him go. But find out first if there's a reason

    • I don't know when I'll see him in person again though. We used to work together but he recently quit

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    • I just don't know what to say and if he did get the text I feel like it's making me look desperate texting him again. I don't want to annoy him

    • Believe in yourself. You've got nothing to lose really. You might be pleasantly surprised. Just keep it really simple. Say - Hey are you still up for me coming to your new house when you're settled in. I don't think that sounds desperate or anything. He can only answer or not. At least give it one more try. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Try it and let me know how you go?

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