What does dreaming about your ex mean?

Last night I dreamed me and my ex finally got together and met up for lunch. He said I should have invited him to lunch to talk or something and I told him I've been trying to get him to do that for the longest. I finally invite him and we went to a burger joint and he ordered my food and his. I thought he was expecting me to pay because I was the one who invited him but he ended up paying for us both. My heart was jumping for joy because it felt like things were back to how they used to be but deep down I knew we needed to addressed what happened between us. I was fearful because he's not one who's likes confrontation and I felt that if I brought it up he would get upset and I would ruin everything.. What do you think this means? This is the first dream I've had of him that had emotions tied to it! It felt like progress but em then I woke up to reality..


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What Guys Said 2

  • You problably thought about them before, or your brain is just mixing things up with experience and memories.

    You know how dreams work! They are just really weird and hard to understand. No one can tell you why you dreamt it, but ONLY GOD.

    Soooo, ask him?
    He'll answer. Trust me like I'm your right hand. 💪🏾

  • it means you want him.

    they say dreams are your true thoughts


What Girls Said 1

  • It means nothing. Dreams don't mean anything


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