Wtf. LinkedIn automatically sent my ex a request and now we're connected, she threatened me last we spoke?

I just want to be clear in that I greatly dislike us having any contact. We were on and off since 2006 till 2012 and I tried like hell last year to once and for all make it so we're serious and permanent.

After all of my heckling, she told me she'll file a no contact order if I don't leave her be. Being that we are finally old enough to be serious together and have the maturity she told me she never wanted me. I immediately left her alone and have been furious since only wanting to do better for myself, to compete. She's engaged, she last told me last year that I have done nothing but harass her for 8 years. I'm so sick of her shit.

I'm pissed off because I did not send her a request. LinkedIn automatically does this sometimes with email contacts. She accepted. What's going to happen? I won't stop her from coming but I will not encourage it. I know I can and will do better for myself. It's been 11 months without a word.
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