Does he really see a future with me? What does he really feel. Actions and words not adding up?

Ok we just broke up. I left because I felt neglected. I wasn't working he was day and night job. Maybe I was selfish don't know. Financially He was there but not emotionally. I feel like he just completely cut me off emotionally and intimately. I understood he worked for us but I wasn't getting any real love from him no attention or affection. He just seemed distant most of the time. Like he was mad at me but wouldn't express how he felt ever. The only thing I looked forward to is sleeping together because he would always hold me at night. That was like my clarity that he did love me for some reason. But then we would wake up and bk to his unhappy face. Like he was always depressed around me and happy around other people in a good mood. So every time I tell him I feel neglected he turned it around on me and found stuff to complain about that he wasn't even complaining about before. So I get fed up being with this person I couldn't make happy even when I tried. He kept saying I could leave if I didn't like it instead of how can we both fix it it became only how I could. I asked him did he want us in tex he said no don't know why I did it in the first place. We been together 4 5 years so that hurt deep. Packed my stuff he saw it didn't say nothing asked him one last time if he wanted to make it work he said nothing so I left. Now that I'm gone he calls and writes more than when we we're together. Says he misses me don't want to lose me loves me. Won't leave me alone. Tells me he wants me. Why does he do this? Is he telling the truth? What should I do? Also he's going through a lot family problems financial problems because He feels he's not where he wants to be in life can't catch a break. Got some court issues going on also that I won't get into. I'm confused.


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  • It seems like he's unhappy about his life in general. I think he acted like that with you not because he didn't like you but because he is so upset about the rest of the stuff going on. I think he does see a future with you he's just unhappy at himself. Maybe you can both take things slowly, so you can help him figure his life out but without being so affected by his low mood.


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