Ex keeps trying to talk to me?

my ex had a birthday about a month ago and she texted me day of mad I didn't wish her happy birthday, we broke up months ago and I haven't said a word to her since. Ever since she texted me that day she's been sending me more and more texts trying to get me to talk to her, she has a new boyfriend and they are "in love" my question is why is she still texting me? Oh also I have yet to respond


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  • Just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it's Goodbye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks her X in her own softie spot, there is usually motive in mind when it might come time And... She's been sending me more and more texts trying to get me to talk to her...
    It's quite clear here, dear, she's Not quite over you yet. Sher may have a newbie on her arm right now but this is most likely a Rebound Robert whom she found a little comfort and solace with.
    She may have thought you were going to send a little Happy birthday wishes her way. But when you didn't, it made her Realize even more, that it gave her this bang and pang inside and she wanted you to know it was No party That... I didn't wish her happy birthday.
    Right now, she is taken so don't Involve yourself in all the redrick. However, I am not saying that someday, somehow when she Might be free again, she won't come a calling, or you both just may run into one another when both of you are out and and about painting the town red.
    Good luck. xx


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  • People's emotions and feelings don't just vanish, even when all logical clues point to it being so obviously one way. She has a boyfriend so regardless of how she's feeling, which is a lot of longing and regret over her decision, you need to keep ignoring her. Don't get drawn into her issues, that's for her new boyfriend to deal with. You have your own life to work on and worry about. I would ask who broke up with whom, but if she has a boyfriend at this point, just get on the nope train to Fthatville. Focus on getting a new girlfriend


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