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well my ex broke up with me bout a week ago I've tried to talk to her and she won't she doesn't want anything to do with me well my buddy wanted to go out this weekend to this club downtown to meet up with these girls he knew so I said sure. well turns out my ex was there wit one of her girlfriend's well she saw me dancing with other woman and this one girl I met started making out with me. next thing I know I come home and outside my apt I find my summer tires I left at my ex's house on my grass and I got a text from her that said your tires are on the grass hope it all was worth it and lose my number! I just don't know what to do I do miss my ex and I wanted to work things out but it appears she just hates me I just needed some advice or opinions we ve had a rough relationship a lot of lost trust so this might well be it

i was going to leave the club but my friend convinced me to stay and I got pretty drunk I well looks like a made poor choices cause I feel like by my actions of dancing wit other people and kissing them I pretty much confirmed what she was already thinkin


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  • sorry for your situation. I'm kinda in the same boat (my ex just broke up with me and won't talk ...) but if you tryed talking to her and she blew you off and your friends were trying to cheer you up by taking you out then it seems to me that you kinda have nothing to apologize for. when she has cooled down talk to her about what happened (apologize if you really need to) and see if you can work things out from there. hopefully she will understand and apologize for making the breakup difficult.

    good luck!

    • Thanks for the advice I know my friends were trying to help I just feel bad I wasn't trying to hurt her I was just trying to have fun but obviously at the same time I did get her inwhich I feel I set myself back further with her

    • I know what you mean. but I'm a pretty straightforward girl. my ex broke up with me and then cut me off . . . not a good feeling. she was at the same club as you. sure you could've spared her feelings by not making out with a girl, but she did give you up. your ex needs to be more understanding and forgiving.

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  • Ooops, it cut my reply to your response off before I finished.

    She sounds done from your response, but look at it this way: As long as you feel you made an honest effort to clear things up and take responsibility for your actions, even if you feel badly about what happened and hurting her/p*ssing her off, you will have an easier time moving on.

  • Write her a letter telling her what happened and that you didn't mean to upset her. She may need some time and/or need to vent her frustration/anger with you... just stay cool and let her get it off her chest.

    • Hey thx for the advice but she's not talking to me I sent a text the other day asking why she through my tires on the ground with no response I feel like I should just leave her alone maybe sometime she may call but idk.

    • Plus I couple days boyfriend this club incident I left a voicemail apologizing my mistakes I've made but she just said I was being fake and didn't believe me so I seems like it doesn't matter what I say cause as of now she doesn't want to here any of it so it may be in my best interest to just leave her alone

    • Yeah, I guess she is done... look at it this way...

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  • Ya probably not the best way to do that... I'd let blow off some steam before you do anything than go and talk to her about. don't do anything at first. remember though small things count and I guess girls like it when guys do stupid sweet things. even when it makes look like an idiot. but think of how it would embarrass her before you do it.


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