Guys, If I try and make a guy jelious that I know likes me by telling him Indirectly I'm going out on a date with someone else will it work or blow u?

IN my face?


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  • I'm a fan of trial and error.

    So, just try it and see what happens.

    It's really the only way you'll learn. Otherwise, you'll go on your whole life feeling as if you have this unscratched itch of trying to make a guy jealous so he can make you feel exactly the way you think you want to feel.

    It's not until you actually do something where you discover the consequences for doing it. And, it's not until those consequences really hit you hard where you learn that you probably don't want to really scratch that itch. All of a sudden, putting eye drops on your eyes seems like a better idea than using your nails to relieve any irritation.

    • We'll I don't want him to like forget about it and move on or something?

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    • If he's trying to make you contact him, then it shows that he wants you to be the one chasing him... so yes, at the very least it shows that he is interested in you and wants you.

      If you want to get back together with your ex, it's your life, it's your choice.

      If you feel like passing guard and letting him get you into a grapple, that's your choice.

      Not my personal style. I would just continue ignoring him and not showing strong interest. BUT... continue to reward every effort he makes. So, if he tries to make you contact him, simply like one of his pictures or reply with a "Umm, hello?" equivalent. Always keep him on the leash. Every time he jumps like a good doggie, be right there to give him a small doggie treat. Condition him to do more, and more, and MORE.

      Make him understand that the more he does, the BETTER it is. But let it slowly and subtly build. Reward "immediately," but not STRONGLY.

    • The motivation for taking action is some difference between where "someone currently is" and "where they want to be."

      If you are happy where you currently are, then you have no reason to take any action. But if you are not happy with where you currently are (e. g., body weight, financial status, relationship status, etc.), then you have a reason to take action... in order to get you to where you want to be.

      So, when people take action, at the very least, it indicates that they are not currently where they want to be.

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  • I think it's very immature. Why don't you ask him out?

    • Because its my ex and I did but he shot me down before.
      I don't like playing games I think their immature too but he's playing games and I don't know what to do or how to get him to stop?

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    • Why?

    • You've asked him out and he said no. There's nothing you can do. It's over I'm sorry

  • i think it lead him getting away from you. he may think he lost you from the beginning, and friendzoned!!

    • We Oviously DON'T Act LIKE Friends

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    • Then try and explain?

    • '''Guys, If I try and make a guy jelious that I know likes me by telling him Indirectly I'm going out on a date with someone else will it work or blow u?' this is your fucking question!! and my answer is even if you have sex every and every day millions of times, and talk what the shit you talk about. after you say you're going out with someone else, it blows out to me!!! i hope your little brain is not less than little and you understand it. if not, go for someone else, i cannot tell you anything.

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