Will he give me another chance?

My ex broke up with me a few weeks ago. I have faithfully not talked to him or contacted him in any way. I love him a lot and believe we had a good relationship. He broke up with me without giving me a chance to ask any questions or defend myself. I don't know exactly why he broke up but I am guessing he was overwhelmed with my insecurities and clingyness. We have never gotten into huge fights ending in break ups. I completely understand why he might feel fed up with me. He told me he doesn't love me and that he is happy alone. Do you think one day he will realize he still loves me and maybe give me another chance to be a good girlfriend?

thanks for all the advice. I am definitely giving him his space for himself and mine. I just don't understand why he couldn't explain himself before cutting me off. :(


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  • First off why do you want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you? Second, if he didn't even let you defend your case he probably have made up his mind prior to it all and there's probably not a whole lot you can do to change that. If he is happy alone and have asked you not to contact him anymore I would respect that. If I ask a girl to never contact me, it's because I want to get over her. Bringing her back into the picture only reverses the healing process. Well it's also because I now resent the crap out of that person and want nothing to do with her.


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  • Like I said don't stress trying to figure it out. It will never end with why. Hardest part for me when I am trying to move on is asking myself why and what if questions. Once those stop I get over that person. He clearly has no intention of working things out with you anyways if he didn't want to hear it. Why be with someone who is close minded like that. He probably made up his mind before even talking to you about it. Good luck


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  • Regular guy seems to have it right. The best you can do is respect his space now, recognize to yourself why you didn't do that before and how it lead to him wanting to end things, and vow to respect the feelings of other guys who are important to you in the future.

    • Thanks. Well it could be a number of things why he ended it with you. Some of which may not have to do with you. Personally I don't mind clingy girls. But to add to why you should respect not contacting him...if one of my ex contacted me I would say terrible things to them that I never had the chance to and just go off on them. It would get ugly but only because I don't think I could contain myself.

    • Il never understand that until the day I die. How someone can be horrible to someone they were once close with who might just be a little bit upset at the break up il never know.

    • Because I don't say those horrible things to them unless they ask for it. Usually I have been graceful enough to just walk away without saying anything bad. But if they don't leave me alone and respect me not wanting to talk to them, saying those things will get rid of them.

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