Girl brakes up after a month of starting treatment for being bipolar. And she was the o e who wanted me to get help cause we argued a lot?

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She even asked to move in the guest bedroom. And hasn't switched he fb relationship status. And says she doesn't even want to look or be around me. then she says I can stay at our apt for six weeks so I can find a place. an tells me that when she thinks about it ending she feels relieved
I really need some insight please help


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  • Guess she couldnt wait, or she saw no progress.

    • For the meds I take they have to increase it in 50 mg increments and now I'm at 150 there has been improvement he's been treating me like shot yelling and the whole nine and I have gone off. The only thing that has happened is that I had a major episode last night and she wouldn't even leave her room to make sure I was alright

  • She's just not that into you.


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