Why would my ex contact me to give well wishes?

My ex and I broke up a bit over a month ago. I initially initiated it but after realizing a situation was a misunderstanding, I asked him to reconsider. He said he needed time to think, and 5 days later I called him asking the status of our relationship. He said he didn't want to be with me basically and "didn't know how to tell me," so we broke up over the phone. Wasn't happy about that, because it was hours before a concert I paid tickets for us to go to.

anyway, we tried being civil and I said no hard feelings purely because I didn't want to blame myself for the wrongs of what already happened. He graviously appreciated it and apologized for ending things over the phone. I said I wanted to be on good terms, and made a point to try to give his friend the rest of his things, even though we couldn't meet up. My ex said I could "do what I want with them unless I insist on giving it back too, then that's fine." I said that I would just rather see him in person bc I miss him and this is weird, and if he is open to it, then I'd be okay with that, if not now he knows. It didn't happen and he didn't answer, so I let it go and tried moving on. He congratulated me on my new job when I announced it on social media, and because of my process of moving on and a little hurt from the fact that he left right when I was solidifying new beginnings that I thought were with him, he goes out of his way to contact me. I deleted him from social media.

then, the friend I was supposed to meet with to give him my ex's stuff back contacts me about wanting the items all of a sudden but for just his benefit. I let the situation go, opting to just move on. Then my ex congratulated me on graduating from college, literally minutes after I walked across the stage and said he hopes I'm doing well and celebrating. Once again, it stung because I thought he would be there for me with this and he also turned down my request to meet in person, so of course I didn't respond at all. What is he trying to do here?


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  • he's not over you.

    • why would you say that?

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